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Bed Bugs Not the Issue?

Need a Canine to the Rescue?

About Our Dogs – Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Ellie (Retired)
The Beagle who started it all. 11 years ago, she was the first to join the team and change the game of detecting Bed Bugs.She’s also, our tv star hit wonder who has been on shows such as Howard Stern, Fox News and much more.Our diva not only looks good on camera but knows how to do her job and well!She’s confident she will find your Bed Bugs and loves doing it.
Sniffer (Retired)
Our second canine to join the team 11 years ago. Sniffer is Ellie’s partner in crime and loves to work.He’s a handsome Brittany Spaniel – Beagle mix with pep in his step.With all of his energy he can last a long time on the job which is great if you have many units, rooms or buildings for him to do.
He is the Mr. Clooney of all the canines. He has attitude, swag and a sweet side that will melt your heart. Not only does he have charisma, he has a nose that is sure to detect the scent of Bed Bugs. George, like all of our NESDCA certified dogs, can detect the scent of as little as one live Bed Bug or viable egg.
Bugsy is our sweet and sassy Jack Russell – Whippet mix with energy to spare. He is a hard worker and like Sniffer, he lasts a long time on the job which is great if there is a lot to do. To Bugsy searching for Bed Bugs is a sport. He will travel anywhere in the North East in search for Bed Bugs.

Our K-9 Division

Once nearly eradicated in the U.S., bed bugs have made a comeback. These blood-sucking insects have become a nuisance at hotels, cruise ships, apartment buildings, college dorms, hospitals, nursing homes, jails or anywhere there are sleeping quarters. Oftentimes, unsuspecting humans carry these uninvited guests on their clothing or luggage and inadvertently infest their their own homes.

Quest Pest Control has a new and highly effective weapon in the fight against bed bugs. Her name is Ellie and she is a beagle trained to detect bed bugs by scent. We get rid of bed bugs in CT, New England, New York.

Ellie has received intensive training and is certified by the NATIONAL ENTOMOLOGY SCENT DETECTION CANINE ASSOCIATION.

Until we enlisted the help of our beagle Ellie, we had to rely on visual inspections. However, bed bug infestation can occur behind walls, baseboards or under carpets—areas that humans cannot easily detect.

These nocturnal, biting insects have been known to hide in alarm clocks, headboards and even on clothes hangers.
The good news is that Ellie is able to detect the presence of these bed bugs in CT, and the exact areas of infestation within two minutes of entering a room. She will either point or bark to signal her find.

Early detection is key because once the insects have moved in it can take months to get rid of them.

Since the use of DDT was banned, newer products don’t completely wipe out the bed bugs so it’s unlikely to kill the bugs the first time around.

For Businesses, a bed bug infestation could cause bad publicity, lost revenue and possible lawsuits.

For Homeowners, it could require disposal of all the contents of the infested room, including upholstery, drapes and other furniture.