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Ants have been amazingly effective at spreading across the northeast and the country and Quest Pest Control in CT can help!

Another thing that they are effective at is defending their colonies. You have probably seen their mounds or foraging trails. Ants use a chemical communication system based on pheromones to communicate.

Carpenter Ants

carpenterantCarpenter ants are one of the biggest threats in the Northeast. There are several species of carpenter ants that may be found infesting homes and other buildings. Normally workers are black or red and black in color and range in size from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Winged queen ants may be as large as one inch. However, size is not a reliable characteristic to identify carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants differ from termites by having dark-colored bodies, narrow waists, elbowed (bent) antennae, and if present, hind wings shorter than front wings.. Carpenter ants are very common and are frequently seen in the open.

Termites are light-colored, have no waist constriction, have straight antennae and, if present, wings are of equal length. Termites are much less common. They avoid light try to stay in or close to their colony.

11792381_sContrary to popular belief, carpenter ants DO NOT eat wood. They remove wood as they create galleries and tunnels. It is this action that causes so much destruction.

Ant Prevention: Make Your Home Great Again

No matter what type of ant you have, they can greatly impact your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. With the specialized training and expertise to rid your property of these formidable pests, you can rely on Quest Pest Control in CT to help reclaim your yard so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

Quest Pest utilizes a method of ant control which delivers very impressive results as well as an excellent environmental profile. Our goal is total elimination of the colony using the most environmentally responsible means available. To achieve this, we offer our year round ant prevention and protection service, in addition to our extensive CT pest control services.

Year-Round Protection

In neighborhoods with especially high ant concentrations, year-round protection is the recommended choice for pest control in CT. This ant control service includes quarterly inspections and necessary treatments and guarantees year-round pest control.

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