Commercial Testimonials

  • Professional, Responsive and Extremely Knowledgeable

    We have been working with Quest Pest for about two years and have found them to be professional, responsive and extremely knowledgeable. They stay on the forefront of the industry, working closely with the state’s entomology team and with other pest control professionals to develop best practices. In addition to their expertise and service, the entire Quest Pest team seems to have the unique ability to make our elderly residents feel comfortable during the treatment process and confident in the outcome. We have found that Charlie, Dave, Christie and Karen continuously go above and beyond to deliver prompt service that leads to successful results. We highly recommend Quest Pest for any of your pest control needs.

    – The Luther Ridge Management Staff

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  • The Bright Side to the Dark Dilemma of Bed Bugs

    To Whom it May Concern;

    No-one wants to call pest control, enjoys the problems that initiate the call, or the solutions (except the cute dogs). Having said that, I know the bright side to the dark dilemma of bed bugs, is meeting Charlie, Kristie and the rest of the staff.

    How some people remain patient, friendly, kind and generous in the face of such situations, is an amazement. These folks are a pleasure to have in the building, and never mind going the extra mile, they go the extra twenty, accommodating the needs of those affected. The residents of our Senior Housing facility feel free to inquire about anything involved, without even a tiny hint of annoyance in the response. We all know that the same questions must be asked about a zillion times, and Charlie is willing to explain fully, the ins and outs of the process, time and again.

    Charlie is an exemplary human being in a situation that brings out the worst in others. Bravo!

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