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Easy suggestions to helping prevent pest infestation

This fall as the weather gets cooler, a variety of pests will look for warmer accommodations from rodents to lady bugs. Here is a shortlist  simple steps you take can help prevent them from taking shelter with you:


Use plastic or metal containers to store food

Store pet food in a lidded metal trashcan. Mice cannot climb the steep, slippery, vertical sides of the can. Sealed, firm plastic containers are also a good option.

Keep items stored off of the floor

Using wire rack shelving to prevent moisture from collecting underneath helps keep the moisture pests look for. Look for mouse droppings and other evidence of infestation with a flashlight and mirror occasionally.

Reduce clutter under the sink

Using a caddy you can easily clear out your cabinet for occasional cleaning. Self-adhesive tiles provide an easy-to-clean surface that can be wiped down and inspected periodically.

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