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Excellent Service

This review is for the excellent service I received from Karen and the staff from Quest Pest. My family and I moved into our first home. After only a few weeks after moving in we started experiencing horrible bites all over our bodies and were scared that we had a bed bug problem somehow. Because we lived in a studio before we had essentially no furniture and the only new furniture we acquired was brand new pieces from La Z Boy. The brand new furniture from lazy boy was found to be positive for bed bugs thanks to George, their NESDCA certified dog. He proved without a doubt that it only came from the furniture as they were not anywhere in our house except for every La Z Boy piece. I spoke to quite a few companies none of them were as professional or knowledgeable or willing to take the time to speak to me and educate me on bed bug and treatment solutions as the staff did here. Many companies were ready to sell us packages off the bat to make money off us but Quest Pest is a company you can trust that wants to help you. There is a huge conflict of interest I found for extermination companies to be the ones who assess your problem and sell you the treatments because many were ready to jump to the products to sell instead of what was best for us. For example, though it would be more profitable to sell products which don’t fully work or services you do not need this company is one you can rely on that is honest and well recognized by their peers. Thank you for the great service to all the staff I will definitely recommend for anyone who thinks they may have pest issues.

– Laura, Jersey City NJ