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How do bed bugs get there?

bugsy_bedbugdetectorBed bugs have an amazing ability to avoid detection by squeezing into cracks and crevices. They will often go unnoticed by the casual observer. They prefer darker areas and if disturbed, they will seek a quieter, more remote areas. They feed on animals or persons when they are resting and then quietly go back to their place of hiding making them hard to detect.

Bed bugs are oval, brown, flattened and wingless insects that are about .25″ – .325″ long. They can be as small as .0625″ when they first hatch and nearly colorless except after feeding. As they mature, their coloring is similar to a wood tick. It will turn purplish-red after feeding and will be enlarged, making it look like an entirely different insect.

Ways to bring home bed bugs:

  • Hotels/Motels – Bed bugs hitch rides on clothing that people wear, not the people themselves. They can travel in/on luggage or other items that they might hop onto to hide.
  • Used Clothing – Shopping for used clothing is a great way to recycle and save money. Make sure you launder those clothes before you merge them with your current ones.
  • Used/old books. Yes, bed bugs can hide in the bindings of books. Inspect that good read before bringing it home.
  • Visitors – If someone visits who is infested, their clothing could be transporting the bed bugs right to you.
  • Used Furniture – if you see that piece of furniture on the side of the road, think twice about taking it home.

Bottom line, be mindful when traveling and bringing in clothes or furniture into your home. The best way to not end up with an infestation is avoidance!