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Here in the Northeast, our beautiful climate and geography attract more than just people from all over the world…this is the perfect location for insects to thrive.  Ants, roaches, spiders, and other pests can invade your yard and your home. Quest Pest Control can protect you and your family from these invaders.

Quest Pest Control will effectively control pests with minimal environmental impact and less chance of risk to human and animal health. We focus our control efforts intensively on where the bugs come from – the outside of your home. We only apply pesticides to the inside of your home if absolutely necessary.  We want to stop pests outside before they enter your home!

Our concept is simple!

  • Controls pest populations on the outside of your home before they become a problem on the interior
  • Creates a healthier environment for you and your family by keeping pesticides outside unless absolutely necessary.
  • Reduces the number of “return service calls” by spending more time on the area where most pest issues arise – the outside.
  • Convenient scheduling created by the fact that you do not have to be home for exterior treatments to occur.
  • More convenient scheduling allows services to be performed at quarterly intervals. This keeps your perimeter protected year round – consistent, effective, protection!

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Let Quest Pest Control partner with your Commercial Service to maintain your reputation.

Don’t let pests put your business at risk!

When it comes to your business Quest Pest Control understands that you need effective and affordable solutions to help your business run smoothly every day.

We will sit down and assess the needs of your business with you and create a program unique to your building. We understand that each business is different and requires different programs to keep you running.

Whether it is rodent control, bird control, bed bugs, fly control or just general pest control, we can help.

We use a system of Integrated Pest Management (recommended by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection), which combines chemical and non chemical approaches to pest management.

Examples of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) would be cutting branches off trees hanging over your house/structure, cutting shrubs against your house/structure, sealing cracks and crevices throughout the residence by using copper mesh and/or other caulking or foam products.


CT, NY, MA & GA State Licensed and Insured

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