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When the ants go marching this spring, be prepared!

Warm weather means ants and termites will start to appear . Carpenter ants and termites have colonies of thousands of workers and both of these pests can cause significant damage to your home. Often repairs caused by these pests can exceed thousands of dollars and insurance won’t always cover the damage. This spring, be on the lookout for signs of these wood destroying insects.

Termite swarmers

termite controlTermite swarmers look like winged ants and are often seen on a warm day in your cellar or basement. Termite swarms occur when a termite colony is expanding. Swarms are a sign of a mature termite colony and lead to mating and starting new colonies.


Termites make mud tubes or tunnels to move from place to place. You might also notice peeling or cracking paint on wood surfaces where the termites are living.

carpenter antsCarpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large black ants with a waist. Carpenter ants leave a pile of sawdust behind their tunneling. You might also see columns of foraging ants.