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YMCA for Ants

Warm weather is an invitation for ants to come marching in.. right into your home. You may not be ready to call in the professionals yet, so here are a few remedies you can try yourself first:

  1. Dish soap – 2 tbls per pint of water. This will reduce the population, but takes diligence. Ant factor before: 6
    Ant factor after: 3
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar – Doesn’t work very well, but makes your house smell like salad! Ant factor before: 4
    Ant factor after: 4
  3. Borax – mix 1 cup water with 2 cups sugar and 2 Tbs boric acid placed in a container with holes in the lid. Ant factor before: 5
    Ant factor after: 3
  4. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  – very effective. Spread this around the corners of rooms or cabinets, and wait.Ant factor before: 7
    Ant factor after: 0
  5. Raid (red box) and Combat ant gel traps – will cut your population in half. Ant factor before: 8/7 (Raid/Combat)  Ant factor after: 4
  6. Combat Quick Kill Ant Traps – bingo! Place near baseboards and windowsills.
    Ant factor before: 6   Ant factor after: “0 to 1”
    Reference: The Huffington Post